Madrid also opens expediente informativo against the electric companies

Madrid has followed Andalucia in opening an expediente informativo against the electric companies (los electicos). So I hope you’re not going to think that they will actually take action against the monopolistic bastards.

Let’s see…. an expediente is an investigation. So an expediente informativo is, basically, an investigation that results in a conclusion. Could be in favour of opening a new expediente, or against. If against, then the politicos can shrug and say “we tried!”.

Of course, if, should however is appointed to run the expediente informativo be affected by a desire to end their career and suggest that there are irregularities in how the electricos are carrying out their billing processes, then…

We could have an alta de expediente juridico – criminal process could be opened. Hmmm.

We could have an expediente X – Mulder and Scully are appointed to investigate. Or…

If anybody in command actually cared about us little people. we’d have an alta de expediente sancionadora, which would be a report and (administrative) fine into the monopolistic and antiethical practices of the utility companies. Based on the amount that was taken out of our pockets and the estimated earnings / savings generated off that amount. Also not likely, considering how much the utilities donate to the main political parties around here.

After a Friday in which Madrid Consumo line had so many phone calls about the vast amounts taken out of pensioners bank accounts by the electricos that they put a recording on the 012 line informing people of their rights, you’d think somebody would take action. But probably not. Endesa has almost every politician in Spain in their pocket. After all, this is a company that in 2008 generated 525,000,000 euros in after tax profit.

I’m sorry, that previous figure of 525,000,000 euros in after tax profit was wrong. Endesa SA did not generate that much profit in 2008. That is how much profit they generated in Chile alone. Which, one assumes, is a small part of their business. After all, ZP risked getting kicked out of the EU for protectionist practises by defending Endesa aginst a hostile takeover from EON.

The only figures I can find for the overall company is Jan – Sept 2008: Net profit for the first 9 months of 2008 were 6,801,000,000 euros. (Source). Which is why they have cut off an elderly pensioner because his estimated bill is 400€ and he can’t pay (because his monthly pension is 400€ [Source]). God, it’s enough to make you join the I.U.

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  1. Wonderful system. Change to monthly billing….issue an estimated account based on warm weather consumption and then, on the next real meter reading (in December), charge the customer for “excessive consumption”. OK, only an extra 3 Euros but what a rip off!!

    Gotta give it to Sevillana-Endesa. What a wonderful way to recoup the totally wasteful costs of monthly billing!!

    And the they wonder why Brits are leaving Spain!!

  2. Well at least I am only being charged 108 euros per month for electricity from three different accounts one of which is actually mine.How is this allowed to carry on. My Spanish solicitor who charged me 100 euros to sort the matter two months ago informs me that they are still waiting for a reply from endesa, fat chance ay! I only use my place for 4 weeks per year and my meter reading is only 298. Who is there to complain to ,or is Spain that corrupt nobody will sort any complaint.
    Endesa owes me about 1400 euros not bad as they only haveto give me a credit. Its no wonder they are making massive profits.
    Is there not a way of getting the European parliament to investigate or will that cost me even more.

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