Bar Los Limoneros – Cortijo Grande, Almeria

Bar Los Pastores used to be owned by a wonderful Dutch couple. Mater used to call her “my dutch doll”, and, amazingly, she never minded.

However, they built up a good customer base, and is logical, they sold out and left the area with a profit. Good on them.

It was taken over by a stange English lady who left several comments on my blog about her “5 star rosette” English chef. Fair enough. We weren’t overly impressed on our visits there.

We then received news that it had been taken over by a local couple, Matt and Carol.

They seem to have revamped Los Limoneros since the last time I was there. Yes, the swimming pool is still there. No, I don’t know if they are still visited by foxes, like the last time I was there. But, it’s cleaner and friendlier, a repaint has made the place… cosier and the music has improved.

So has the menu.

Now, the menu needs to be treated with caution. Because it could be dangerous. It is the normal menu that a restaurant amateur -or a michelin starred chef- builds up. For example, Lamb Casserole. Casserole is the sort of meal that is only any good if it cooked fresh, which means it needs a lot of customers. Lo and behold, I was told “Sorry, no Casserole” when I was given the menu, for the reasons explained above. Clive also knew the fish of the day and the soup, which in most places they don’t. Don’t you hate that?

“What’s the soup of the day, please?” “errrrrrrrrrrrrr…… I’ll find out”.

We had a drink in the comfortable lounge. Then we went in to eat.

Oh my gosh. Know what I love about that place? The Guinness Ice Cream. No kidding. Visit there, you’ll find out. Lovely. Ice Cream, made with Guinness. Need I say more?

End of story: three happy people. €119,50, for 3 starters, 3 main courses, 2 puds, 2 coffees, 1 magno, 3 G&T, 1 Water, 2 bottles of Allozo. IMHO, worth it.

Bar Los Limoneros.
Cortijo Grande.
Go towards Cabrera (exit 520 off the motorway to Turre, follow the signs).

6 Replies to “Bar Los Limoneros – Cortijo Grande, Almeria”

  1. I think it’s Matt not Clive! I hear that the Belgian (not dutch! 🙂 )couple now have a restaurant on the playa

  2. Yep its Matt and Carol at Los Limoneros now and they seem to be doing well. Good Luck to them.

    Previous owners were I believe Austrian not Belgian but I could be wrong. Lovely couple – very attentive and a great welcome everytime. Now running Los Olivos on Playa just before Red Cross roundabout on the right hand side.

  3. What a wonderful restaurant – to go on a sunday and have roast lamb, pork, or beef for only £5 each [bogof @10 euros]. The atmosphere is beautiful and the views are breathtakeing. The food is tasty and what more could you ask? And all for 5 euros! I wouldn’t even bother checking my change and I always pay my bill, as I trust them and have lived here 8 years within 50 yards of the restaurant.
    PS Nice to get one’s facts right.
    and who is david jackson anyway?

  4. hello…everybody
    i am Duro….for all my pall’s in there…
    of course…. cabrera….right???
    but….the best party there ….in LOS LIMONEROS….is the QUIZE NIGHT.
    and….don’t forghet….there ….cofee bom bom is the best

  5. la vida te da lo que te mereces, a lo mejor por eso la mayoria de las veces encuentras algo negativo en todos los restaurante. la pasta de los pastore no es italiana, ni es casera. lo unico casero en los pastores es el camarero. el “merlot” no es merlot es “tempranillo merlot”, si crees que el horno que has visto, es un “propely” horno de piza, mejor te vas a italia y luego hablamos. delante de la pizeria marco en turre hay 4 mesas, y no 40.000. y el nombre de la pizzeria del padre es pineta no pinata y si no entiendes castellano vete a uk otra vez a comer fish and chips

  6. A ver, Claudito, cualquiera se puede equivocar entre una “a” y un “e”.

    Creia que eran 6 mesas, pero al mejor me equivoco. Lo importante es que ahi hacen el mejor pizza de la comarca.

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