A Joke

Did you hear about the Chinese look a like competition? Everybody won! Before the hate mail starts, I’d like to point out that I found this in the Jan edition of a local English mag (fits in your bag, it appears). Does anybody read this stuff before they send it off to the printers?

Endesa sign contract with IBM for 360 million euros to upgrade and maintain IT systems over next 6 years

Headline says it all, really. The question is, is this to update systems and stop fiascos like the electric estimations happening again; or is it because they have a bit of spare cash on hand because they emptied every pensioners bank account in Spain and know they don’t have to repay it? [Source] or [translated version]

Madrid also opens expediente informativo against the electric companies

Madrid has followed Andalucia in opening an expediente informativo against the electric companies (los electicos). So I hope you’re not going to think that they will actually take action against the monopolistic bastards. Let’s see…. an expediente is an investigation. So an expediente informativo is, basically, an investigation that results in a conclusion. Could be in favour of opening a new expediente, or against. If against, then the politicos can shrug and say “we tried!”. Continue reading Madrid also opens expediente informativo against the electric companies

Child killed by lift in Salamanca

A 5 year old child got his jacket stuck between the doors of a life in Salamanca and was strangled as he was dragged upwards by the lift. As this wasn’t bad enough, ideal.es had a video of it.  (Here). Later Whoops it’s been removed. Hoax or just didn’t fancy the complaints? I didn’t get to see it myself… but it appeared in the news rss.

Bar Los Limoneros – Cortijo Grande, Almeria

Bar Los Pastores used to be owned by a wonderful Dutch couple. Mater used to call her “my dutch doll”, and, amazingly, she never minded. However, they built up a good customer base, and is logical, they sold out and left the area with a profit. Good on them. It was taken over by a stange English lady who left several comments on my blog about her “5 star rosette” English chef. Fair enough. We Continue reading Bar Los Limoneros – Cortijo Grande, Almeria