Banco de Andalucia online banking (part 2)

You will remember that Banco de Andalucía gave me online banking access to a new company account I setup with them (remember that it’s the bank I use for several different accounts).

However, despite the fact that I use them quite a bit, they didn’t want to give me a VISA credit card for that account until I started using it. Although I do have a few cards on other accounts. But, they did give me online banking access.

When I opened the little envelope, it turned out that the username is my VISA number. Which they don’t want to give me.

Anyway, I just got off the phone with them. They suggested that I use one of my other VISA cards to access the account. To which I pointed out that those VISA are on other companies, so won’t work with that account.

Hmm… They didn’t have a solution either, other than reapplying for a new VISA and seeing what they say.

I rather get the feeling that this could drag on for quite a while.

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