An apology followed by an angry rant

First of all, allow me to apologise for my offhand remark about Dell yesterday. The charger has turned up in the post this morning (so only 4 working days instead of 2, not bad, but less than the 2 weeks they emailed me) and if it works (I haven’t tried it yet) I shall be a happy bunny.

Secondly, Banco Andalucía informed me that they can’t give me a credit card on a new account for a new company I just opened as I don’t have a track record with them on that account and it’s a new company. (Although, via different companies and family accounts, I calculate a staggering amount of money is dealt with them annually, but hey!).

They did, however, give me access to online banking with them. Which I’ve just opened. The username? My credit card number. Probably the same one they won’t give me. Touché.

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