Expropiation begins for Vera – Garrucha road

The regional government has published the list of property owners who are to be affected by the conversion of the reminder of the Vera – Garrucha road to dual carriageway. Which is the first step towards actually doing it, and not before time. They’ve also published the contract for building a tunnel from Garrucha port to the El Simon roundabout. As always, under “mediada de urgencia”. Has there been one single expropiation in Andalucia that Continue reading Expropiation begins for Vera – Garrucha road

Restaurant Hygiene

I had a coffee this morning with our local Health Inspector Martin, in Apollo bar in Los Gallardos. I noticed he (wisely?) stayed away from the tapas. While the conversation ranged over several different subjects, he did volunteer the information that the biggest difference in local restaurants he has noticed so far is that with “el crisis” they seem to be cutting down on cleaning products. Hmm. After he had left, while chatting to another Continue reading Restaurant Hygiene

An apology followed by an angry rant

First of all, allow me to apologise for my offhand remark about Dell yesterday. The charger has turned up in the post this morning (so only 4 working days instead of 2, not bad, but less than the 2 weeks they emailed me) and if it works (I haven’t tried it yet) I shall be a happy bunny. Secondly, Banco Andalucía informed me that they can’t give me a credit card on a new account Continue reading An apology followed by an angry rant