Mojacar Magazine 9

…is now online at Interesting article on page 23, by the way.

Oh, and it doesn’t work in IE8 for some reason. Unlike Chris’ webcam of Almerimar, which he got working after annoying me for most of the morning with questions along the lines of “Is it working yet??” 🙂

Much like my laptop – the charger went up the swanny, and the “express 24-48 hour” delivery from has now changed to “we’ll post it over normal post sometime next week”. Which explains the paucity of posts here recently.

3 Replies to “Mojacar Magazine 9”

  1. I just got IE8 and Mojacar Mag opened ok for me. However, I do not find IE8 quicker than before and none of the features they boast about seem much use. If anything it means I’m leaning to a greater use of Firefox.

    PS Good article in the mag on p23.

    PPS Expect to be driving to London/Alfaix Firday week with all our worldy goods:))

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