Electricity bills now to be monthly

Forgot to mention this:

Endesa, your local friendly electric company, would like to remind all small users (under 10Kw power supplied) that in future its billing will be monthly, instead of every two months.

However, if I am reading this correctly, they will continue reading everybodies bill every two months.

So every alternate bill will be estimated, with the next bill adjusted to reality. Except that, no doubt, the next step will be to increase the readings every three months… and so forth.

And yes, I am bitter about the self serving bastards who despite being one of Spains most profitable companies can’t keep the current flowing 24 hours a day.

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  1. This is still better than the UK, where the gas and electric companies are only legally abliged to read your meter every two years, and the rest of the time send estimates which they then rely on their customers to ring in meter reads.

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