Mojacar Magazine 9

…is now online at Interesting article on page 23, by the way. Oh, and it doesn’t work in IE8 for some reason. Unlike Chris’ webcam of Almerimar, which he got working after annoying me for most of the morning with questions along the lines of “Is it working yet??” 🙂 Much like my laptop – the charger went up the swanny, and the “express 24-48 hour” delivery from has now changed to “we’ll Continue reading Mojacar Magazine 9

Banco Santander to compensate small victims of Madoff

Banco Santander has announced that it is to compensate all individual investors who lost money in the Madoff scam via its investment arm. Going to cost them around €1,380,000,000, it seems, and will be repaid in preferential participations and cash. Institutions can go whistle. Nice of them, but I can’t help wondering what ZP will give in exchange?

Electricity bills now to be monthly

Forgot to mention this: Endesa, your local friendly electric company, would like to remind all small users (under 10Kw power supplied) that in future its billing will be monthly, instead of every two months. However, if I am reading this correctly, they will continue reading everybodies bill every two months. So every alternate bill will be estimated, with the next bill adjusted to reality. Except that, no doubt, the next step will be to increase Continue reading Electricity bills now to be monthly

Presentation of the new industrial port in Carboneras

Tonight sees the unveiling of the plans for the new Industrial Port in Carboneras, a deep water port capable of accomodating ships of up to 100,000 tons  of deadweight. Intended to service the new industrial park at Carboneras (wind turbine blades, steel mill, some other heavy industry AND a tourist area next door, bless those urban planners!) it will take up some 20hectares and consists of a new 220 meter long terminal. It will also Continue reading Presentation of the new industrial port in Carboneras

Junta to start scheme to start SL companies in 24 hours

The Junta de Andalucia has announced a scheme to get SL companies up and running within 24 hours -as opposed to the normal 35-40 working days it currently takes. The scheme consists of, believe it or not, some 500 preset up companies, complete with CIF and social capital of 3006€. In theory, all you have to do is ask the Junta for one, roll up to the notary with your 3006€ and sign a Subsanacion Continue reading Junta to start scheme to start SL companies in 24 hours