Cajamar goes from strenght to strenght

Cajamar, our local savings bank with HQ in Almería, is ever more powerful despite the crisis – it’s upped it’s earnings by 5%, is among one of Spains most solvent banks, has assets of some 25,000 million euros and tomorrow (Wed 28th) will open it’s first office in León.

That will be office nº 924 for Cajamar. 4076 people work the bank. Cajamar has announced plans to open a number of new offices in Galicia, which will bring it’s total network to above 1000 offices.

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  1. Not surprised they are doing well. 1 Euro for every Spanish cheque paid in to your account that is not a Cajamar Cheque….9 Euros for every Sterling Cheque paid in, plus a rather ungenerous exchange rate and then wait 4 weeks while they make a few bob on your money until they part with it!!

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