Loja firemen complaining about inadequate equipment

CSI-CSIF, the union, has denounced the state of the “regional” fire station in Loja (Granada). Among many other complaints, it seems that:

none of the fire trucks have their ITV – some since 2007, almost all have failed it and not been fixed;

None of the vehicles has insurance, as the premiums haven’t been paid;

The building is falling apart due to lack of upkeep;

No high reach vehicle in operational capacity;


In short, the union has put in an official complaint and asked for the immediate sacking of the parties involved in looking after the station, and asked for a whollop of cash to bring it up to code.

Mind you, what’s the chances of the Guardia actually stopping the firetruck to ask for the paperwork, is the question running through the governments mind?

Story or translated version.

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