Eufer to build wind generator factory in Carboneras

Eufer, a multinational company that specialises in building the blades of wind generators, has announced that it is looking at spending €22M in building a new factory in Carboneras. 600 jobs are expected to be created if it goes ahead. No doubt we can soon expect an announcement from the Junta that a further 2billion of these things will be built shortly…

2 Replies to “Eufer to build wind generator factory in Carboneras”

  1. The happy day fast approaches when, driving from Mojacar over the mountains to Carboneras (through the gritty smog produced by the autonomy’s largest – and dirtiest – power station) we shall catch glimpses of a thousand propellers twitching in the breeze to our right. The extra power to be sold, once again, to the Moroccan farms across the Med.
    I think that nice Mr Fernandez, mayor of Carboneras, should be given the key to the City of Fez.

  2. Don’t forget the steel mill they want to put there, which is being kept under wraps until the plans are ready (don’t want to scare the tourists…)

    Have you ever been to that lovely part of Wales in between Port Talbot and Barry? Lovely beaches, in between the steel mills, power generators, oil industry and strip mining….

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