Doctors let paranoid man go – hours later, he kills in El Ejido

Rather a shocking story from the Poniente Hospital de Almeria– it seems that a group of “subsaharians” brought in a friend who seemed to be suffering from convulsions and hallucinations, a 25 year old man with initials K.K.

It seems that over the last few days his behaviour had been going downhill, having got into several fights, until he reached a point where he was forcibly taken to hospital by his friends concerned at his behaviour and attacks.

The doctors in the Hospital Poniente (El Ejido) gave him the once over, some medication and sent him on his way without taking any further action.

Less than an hour later, he viciously killed a fellow Nigerian with a pole by smashing his head in, and proceeded to seriously hurt 7 other people who managed to hold him down until the Guardia turned up. It appears that he was in the grip of a serious paranoid depression, or as the newspapers politely put it, he was un loco.

This took place in the Paraje El Ayudante, just outside El Ejido. The Police believe that the murderer had no previous connection with his victim. He is currently in police custody awaiting a judge. Police are also interviewing members of staff of the hospital to ascertain the true version of events.

Full story in Spanish or translated version.

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