Osteria Italian Restaurant, Mojacar

Osteria Italian Restaurant, Mojacar

Osteria is a restaurant that I discovered shortly after it changed from being Los Gurullos. Now, I haven’t written about it before for two reasons – one I always enjoy it too much to remember much about it the next morning, and secondly to keep the hordes of tourists away. However, since it appears that the hordes have discovered it without my help, I may as well crack and commit my blurred memories to the screen.

Osteria Italian is on the roundabout above the Mojacar petrol station on what will be the coast bypass, twixt coast and pueblo. Orange sign and nice carpark just outside.

It’s run by a fella called Simone Brotto. Nice chap, and is the chef. He has a waiter, called Marco, brought in specially for the waiting. Rarely in Mojacar do you see a man rushing to the table with 4 bowls of soup without spilling a drop. Seriously, that bowl of soup can describe a 90€ angle with a drop falling to the floor. Good service from the pleasant & competent waitresses.

Previously, they used to do one of the best apple strudels I’ve tasted; they seem to have dropped this and now do a pleasant menu of more conventional puddings.

The main menu is delicious. It’s traditional Italian, with a limited pasta / pizza menu. My favourite is tagliatelle a la funghi. They do decent, home cooked Italian dishes that aren’t pizzas, although a couple of them are clipped onto the end of the menu in case of emergency. Fowl, fish and fungi are the main ingredients. Great mussels as well.

They have a nice selection of Italian wines and liqueurs as well. Plus a great Orujo, which I always can sup. The bottled water is Italian, although I can’t imagine where they get it from.

Coffee is Italian, and hence strong yet damaging to the untrained throat. Pricewise, it ain’t bad and they do a nice menu del dia that won’t break the bank.

The clientèle tends towards the exotic. I’ve seen Germans trying to sell overpriced property to the American couple; French exchange students; British student geologists; drunken English who wait until the mother in law goes to the toilet to start to complain about her; etc.

Osteria Italian Restaurant, Mojacar
Tlf 950 61 51 51
Avenida del Andalucia, 16. Halfway between Mojacar Pueblo and Mojacar Playa, just above the petrol station.

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