Sharp eyed readers will  have noticed that I am currently in the UK, on a mix of business and pleasure (back soon!). Currently ensconced in the Cotswolds, I have taken advantage of my free time to have a look around and see how the credit crunch is affecting people. Well, Cirencester seems fine. Cheltenham Spa has a few shops missing. Gloucester high street looks like we’re four years into the main recession, but on reflection Continue reading Pessimistic

UK driving tip

Quick tip: If you’re ever in a rented VW Passat Estate, driving down the A40 into Monmouth, and an Aston Martin overtakes you, do not attempt to keep up. It’s a fun road, steep incline and very windy down through the Forest of Dean, and in an Aston Martin must be great fun. However, if it hadn’t been for the quick reactions of that lorry driver I would have returned a VW Lupo back to Continue reading UK driving tip