La Cabaña Argentina, Mojacar Playa

La Cabaña Argentina, Mojacar Playa La Cabaña is the original Argentine on Mojacar Playa. Late last year they were evicted from their original premises (opposite Tito’s) by a landlord who tried to triple their rent. Once they had gone, he reopened the premises keeping almost everything identical. This little scam didn’t work too well, as not only did all the regulars quickly catch on to what happened, but they managed to get new (larger and Continue reading La Cabaña Argentina, Mojacar Playa

In Court

I’m up in front of the beak (as I believe the expression is) on Thursday. Civil disobedience, invasion and illegal occupation of a public edifice (to wit, the Turre Town Hall), refusing to obey the commands of an office of duly constituted civil authority, blocking the free passage of vehicles on a public road, are just some of the charges levied against me. 350€ and the right to expression is at stake. Civil Court 1, Continue reading In Court