Ricky’s Bar closed for good?

It seems that last night Ricky stood up at closing time, thanked everybody for coming, and announced his retirement.

15 years he and Theresa have been there, and he thinks it’s time to close for good.

I still haven’t tracked Ricky down to confirm this, but this is what I’ve been told! Pity, I live nearby and always enjoyed walking down for a drink. Another bites the dust…

2 Replies to “Ricky’s Bar closed for good?”

  1. RIP Rickys Bar. An institution. A lifestyle. So sorry to see it close and without even a last big party to say goodbye. I may never recover. 🙁 😥 😥

    Very best retirement wishes to Rick and Theresa and many thanks for the welcome we always got from them.

    Where is everyone going now? Bar Stop? Hardly got the same ambience tho has it? And no Rodgrigos either now.

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