No to bullfighting in Paterna referendum

Today the city of Paterna, in Valencia, held a referendum on whether or not to allow to continuation of bullfighting and the traditional “corrida” held there every year. 68% said NO. Despite the fact that ony 15% of the community voted, the mayor agreed to abide by the results of the referendum, and there will no longer be any “blood sports” celebrated in Paterna as from now. 8305 people voted, 2554 voting yes and 5569 Continue reading No to bullfighting in Paterna referendum

Ricky’s Bar closed for good?

It seems that last night Ricky stood up at closing time, thanked everybody for coming, and announced his retirement. 15 years he and Theresa have been there, and he thinks it’s time to close for good. I still haven’t tracked Ricky down to confirm this, but this is what I’ve been told! Pity, I live nearby and always enjoyed walking down for a drink. Another bites the dust…