B.O.E. now only online

The B.O.E. (Boletin Oficial del Estado) is the oficial journal through which the Spanish government publishes laws, decrees, decisions and oficial notices to the state. In the old days (ie, yesterday!) it was published on paper, and sent to every town hall in the country, plus lawyers, courts, etc. Quite a bit of paper, as you can imagine.

Well, as from today it will be only published online, in a free digital edition daily at www.boe.es. No more paper, and all the free searches your pc can manage.


As an aside, I just spotted that local libraries, or if they aren’t any, town halls are obliged to give free internet access to anybody to read the B.O.E. So if you go to your library or Guadalinfo centre they should give you use of a computer to check to see if you or your company has been cited.

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