Christmas Lunch & New Years do competition!

John Minor wrote in with a wonderful idea, which I repeat verbatim:

I reckon that some independent reviews of local restaurants by us locals
would be a good idea (not sure about how Spanish libel laws would apply, of course). How about a section devoted to “How was my Christmas Day Lunch 2008” and invite unbiased opinions about what the local Restaurants offered this year and whether it was good value or not.

There are so many price variations this year, with some staying relatively expensive, and others claiming to be cheap and offering “Credit Crunch” or “Spanish Prices” (whatever that means).

Well, let me worry about the libel laws. I want to hear your opinions! Write in and send me your thoughts. With pictures if you want! I’ll tidy them all up and put them on the web, don’t you worry.

How was Christmas lunch or dinner?

How was your New Years Eve bash?

How did you enjoy your suckling pig on the 24th? Did you do anything on 3 kings day?

Write them up, or just write down your impressions and send them to me. All credit will be given, links back to your site, if you’re techie minded I’ll even add a bit of tracking code so you can see how many people have read your review.

Any restaurant or bar from across the province will be included. If you write a negative review I may have to see proof that you ate there (ie a receipt); if you’re a restaurant owner make it clear but I’ll still stick it in!

And since it’s Christmas, a couple of bottles of quite decent Catalan Cava, Ana Amigó Brut Nature for the best reviews. (You may have to come pick them up).

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