Blue Lagoon Mojacar Playa

The Blue Lagoon – under newish management, I’m told – is a large, long, fairly typical bar, restaurant and quasi chiringuito on Mojacar Playa. Chef is, the adverts assure us, one Dean Hill. Just past the Hotel Indalo. Large blue awning.

Now, I’ve never eaten there, or even tarried for long, but I did have my curiosity piqued by their now infamous “Credit Crunch Lunch”. Adverts in all good decent local press. From 10am – 3pm every Monday – Saturday you can have a starter for €1, a main course for €3 and a pud for a further €1.

Now, I’ll be frank and say that it doesn’t look the most upmarket of places, and normally I would only enter a place like that to ask for directions. Bit too Benidormy family friendly open air Sky TV and beer bellied tattoos for my liking, if you know what I mean.

Still, the younger bro seems to like it. And I must say that I’ve been hearing good things about it. True, if you only pay €3 for a main course then you don’t have a right to complain, but people seem to think that it’s bloody good value. Why, only yesterday I got an email (from a respected and impartial source, unless I’m thinking of someone else) telling me that “they’ve tried the Credit Crunch Lunch four times now and it is consistently bloody good value. Best of luck to them”.

And my own dear sister & brother in law, who have a large brood, reckon it’s the best place in town to fill the little buggers up.

So there we have. Cheap food, cheap surroundings, but if you want a cheap cheerful lunch, watch the footie, sink a few pints, fill up the kids and generally have a good old fashioned Spanish afternoon, you could do worse. Feel free to agree or disagree in the discussion thread.

The Blue Lagoon,
Mojácar Playa
See it on Google Maps.

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  1. Didn’t go ourselves to the Blue Lagoon for what appears to have been a real “Credit Crunch” bargain Xmas Lunch but we are already hearing excellent reports about the quality of the food and value for money, especially from our “older” friends who chose the menu for “Pensioners and those with a smaller appetite”. Well, at only Euros 17,50 for the full bash but with slightly smaller portions, not one of them is complaining!
    We hope they continue with the good value despite the fact that Sam, the daytime chef, is apparently leaving in the New Year and who knows what Dean, the excellent evening Bistro chef, will be doing this time next week?

  2. Visited Mojacar in September 2008 and stumbled across Blue Lagoon while looking for somewhere serving a full English breakfast (when in Rome and all that!).

    Must say we found the service and food to be very good indeed. Large portions and well priced, we ended up going back there 2-3 times. Would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a good quality fry-up

  3. We also went there twice. Once for a credit crunch meal for 3 Euros, and the second time, for apple crumble and cream for a mere euro.
    Very good, and decent sized portions.

  4. Not one of our usual places to go in Mojacar and in fact we used to avoid it !. However, Dell has spent some money on the place and it looks much better. Went there twice and had no problem with the prices and food. Worth a visit. if you want a cheap lunch in friendly surroundings. They are really trying. Even saw a good number of Spanish in there for the Real Madrid v Barcelona game.

  5. I would not normally agree i usualy go all inclusive on my holidays as i like to just get there and relax this year i was invited with some friends who own a villa in spain and kept finding myself in the Blue lagoon now football, karoake every night through the summer and poker on various nights what more can an english man want in spain.
    I found the staff very friendly and helpfull also i didnt bring myself to eat while i was there but my friends did and there was enough food to feed everyone twice over and im told it tasted ok to lol

  6. i have just come home today after spending a week in mojacar. every night except one we spent in the blue lagoon as we were welcomed there and also enjoyed the crack there. i went with my sister hayley , sister in law linda , mum and her friend we loved the food there and would recommend the place to everyone.

  7. We went self catering this year (just for a change) and looked for a trough and watering hole that could keep us fuelled for the week. The Blue Lagoon is inexpensive, very reasonably priced and fun! The staff are very friendly and there are a variety of things to enjoy once you have finished dining. After a few local beers Karoake seemed to be the way forward. Live football, news etc is beamed on a variety of big screens. If it’s just English grub and company you want then look no further.

    A good English breakfast is available – I would go for the Batman personally. That’s enough to get you through the day.

  8. Just bak from mojacar. Cliff n me luv blue lagoon n had lunch there everyday, bit quiet this time, but all the staff esp the waitresses n young lads @ the bar, r fantastic. We wil b bak in june 2010. Ya chicken curry is the best!!!! All ur food wotever ur taste is on offer. We think ya all gr8 x

  9. What can i say, best craic we had was in the blue, Graham a gentleman who will inform and make you buy the food special of the day… which was just what we always needed, young Tom the cocky but funny barman even gave me a job.. im four and a half years of age but loved eating my ice cream wages, gave my parents time to enjoy their dinners. Then the boss`s arrived home from holidays and we the pleasure of meeting Chris and Dell. Thanks to Tracy and Tez too, we will be back for more fun and craic..

  10. Bak just now from 10 days in Mojacar…Grahem n Tracey…i cant get u on on fb 2 request u…had a gr8 time wiv u guys xxx

  11. 😉 were just back from 15 days in mojacar it was our first time to visit,an will be going back. we had lunch in the blue lagoon at least 6 days and it was fab,but the credit crunch sunday roast was just the best,graham,tracey and edith were lovly friendly hosts and we will certainly be back with them next year

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