Medgaz is awarded the “Economia 2008” prize

The Guild of Economists has awarded Medgaz -the company that is building that enourmous gas pipeline from Argelia to Albacete through Almería – it’s 2008 award for services to the province.

It seems that the Guild of Economists have decided that running a huge pipeline through the middle of the province is actually a good thing for the local economy (based, I remind you, upon Tourism and Agriculture now that Construction has gone out the window). Not sure how, but hey, they are Economists.

The Economists also rejected the argument that the pipeline would disrupt the fishing sector, as they are not mutually incompatible; it seems they are also biologists.

Thing is, I’ve read the press release a couple of times and still can’t see how they reckon it’s good for the local economy, with the exception of short term jobs created in building the pipeline. It doesn’t come from here, it doesn’t end here, and the gas goes to Madrid and the rest of Europe. So, why is it worth an award for stimulating the local economy of Almería? Answers on a postcard please.

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