Garrucha gets a Gordo prize!

A fifth prize in the Spains national Christmas Extravaganza Lottery (El Gordo) went to a ticket number sold in Garrucha.

Juan José Haro, owner of ticket office “La Gata Rafi” (just off the high street I believe, about two thirds of the way down), sold 45 tickets (divided in turn into 10 decimos each, so that’s 450) which won 2,250,000€, or€5000 a ticket. Local resident Miguel Angel Vilar told (translated) that the money would come in handy to “fill a few holes”. Well, quite.

The winning number was 36.199. Check the rest of your ticket numbers here.

A bit later… a story is told to me (by someone from Garrucha, so I assume it’s true) that a certain gentleman thought, after a few beers, it was a good idea to spend about €200 on lottery tickets. Not such a good idea the next morning when The Wife spotted the tickets.

Today he cashed them for in for some €50,000. Lucky so and so…

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