While trying to register a .es…

I’m using the Spanish government website. But Firefox throws up the message: www.nic.es uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is not trusted. Add An Exception? Legitimate banks, shops, public organisations will not ask you to do this. Use a .com instead, the US needs the cash. Spains banks are very strong and don’t need the cash like we do. (Last sentance mine, the rest true)

Garrucha gets a Gordo prize!

A fifth prize in the Spains national Christmas Extravaganza Lottery (El Gordo) went to a ticket number sold in Garrucha. Juan José Haro, owner of ticket office “La Gata Rafi” (just off the high street I believe, about two thirds of the way down), sold 45 tickets (divided in turn into 10 decimos each, so that’s 450) which won 2,250,000€, or€5000 a ticket. Local resident Miguel Angel Vilar told Ideal.es (translated) that the money would Continue reading Garrucha gets a Gordo prize!

Medgaz is awarded the “Economia 2008” prize

The Guild of Economists has awarded Medgaz -the company that is building that enourmous gas pipeline from Argelia to Albacete through Almería – it’s 2008 award for services to the province. It seems that the Guild of Economists have decided that running a huge pipeline through the middle of the province is actually a good thing for the local economy (based, I remind you, upon Tourism and Agriculture now that Construction has gone out the Continue reading Medgaz is awarded the “Economia 2008” prize