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I’ve had an interesting comment from a reader who enquires if I would be interested in hearing about other peoples experiences in restaurants, given that I seem to have given up eating out.

Well, I haven’t given up eating out, it’s just that I always seem to go to the same places recently, and the death threats from irate restauranteers who I’ve slammed in the past are starting to get me down.  :s I promise to spend more money after Christmas and try to single handedly prop up the local flagging economy.

But in the meanwhile, if you have your own review or, indeed, subject to comment on, contact me or add your own review here. Everthing is considered, from your own (genuine) review of a place, to press release from the owners (making darn sure that you identify yourself as such) to news snippets (what’s opening? what’s closing?) to information about your latest webpage to confidential leaks about unethical businesses.

You get full credit (unless you ask for your name not be included), links back, etc. So get in touch and let me know your idea. Fame, albeit without fortune, awaits.

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