While listening to Spectrum FM…

I heard an advert on Spectrum FM for a bar (whose name I did not remember) on Mojacar Playa, whose directions were:

Look for “Meson El Que Faltaba” in front of “Titos” and we’re next door.

Right. So, I have to go past two other restaurants, whose names you are SHOUTING in your radio advert to get to yours? So why don’t I stop at one of those? If you’re using them as reference points in your advert, surely that means they are famous and large and easy to find? So why stumble along a dark paseo looking for your place?

What I’m trying to say, is that don’t use competing businesses to get customers to locate your place. Why give away free advertising? Use non competing businesses or landmarks instead (in front of Buddha Bar; three blocks down from Hotel Indalo).

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