Hello Cotonou, Benin!

I’m ashamed to say that I know very little about the city of Cotonou, Benin. From this photo it looks like a slightly cleaner version of Vera on market day:

cotonou benin capital city

Still, I’d like to give a big shout out to my (anonymous) friend who lives there and visits my blog from time to time (according to Google Analytics). Hello! Bonjour! Comme çe va?

He takes a position of pride amongst the other 3,435 people who visited this website in the last 30 days and read more than one page!

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  1. Cotonou has some true smog over the city from all of the motocycles. However, I went north to Niger and visited many cities. I recommend Natingou, it has a life, a few Peace Corp people. I stayed at great Hostel right behind the big city market that was hilarios and cheap. Take care, more of a Chambre de Passage, but funny place and walking through the market daily made life interesting. Thanks from Andy of HoboTraveler.com in Guatemala Travel Blog and Hotels

  2. je suis enock
    de natiopnalite beninoise mais etudient au ghana
    juste commenter que’il ya trop de moto a cotonou
    si le gouvernment pourra faire quelque chose sur ca , ca fera beaucoup plaisirs
    jai voyager et je connais d’autres pays

  3. Benin was one of the African regions I studied when I was doing my MA in History at he UWI. I am happy to see the development of this area.

  4. I’m from Benin , i left Benin couples of years now , what i still remember, it is a peaceful and politically stable country. the democracy has been showing its proof.In Benin a lot has to be done on many levels .The pollution is becoming a dire problem and this is due to the uncontrollable number of motorcycles known as “Zemidjan” The common problem of unemployment. We do have couple of touristic sites which is not enough as compare to other country in the neighborhood,unfortunately those site as few as they are need some serious improvement to make them more attractive while keeping its original aspects . For instance Ganvie is a great place that need some kind of improvement to meet the 21st century touristic aspects.

  5. I just heard something interesting about benin. is it true that voodooism is rampant? this picture up here looks like many african countries(sic)…

  6. when i think u should try and visite the country urself.cos experience is the best teacher.have fun lol

  7. Hi, I am Turkish and my name is Benin! The weird thing is that I am the only Benin in Turkey…There is not such a name in my country but my mom named me because she loved how it sounds w/out knowing that a country called Benin…I would like to visit Benin one day for sure…

  8. Looking for a friend staying at Hass Hotel @ 10 Hass Crescent, Cotonou…anyone know where it’s at? Could not find online.

  9. Please anyone from coutounou should help me or render any of assistance to me…I want to travel coutounou this year but I don't have any links to the country..pls anyone that could be of help,I know Allah will also leads him or he through. I'm a pious muslim and also Alfa in here osun state Nigeria.

  10. Hello am john by name pls am frm nigeria but I wnt to come to cotonou to buy cloths in large quantity I mean good desighers pls help me I need ur advise u can call me with this line 08132601835 am serious pls

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