Fat Fellow thrown off operating table because he smokes

Alejandro Miguel Asensio Ruiz, a 33 year old plasterer from Almería, was actually on the operating table at a Granada hospital, about to start the second operation of his gastric band reduction, when the surgeon smelt cigarrette smoke on his breath and cancelled the operation.

Alejandro had been waiting 6 years for this operation, after the first operation fitted a gastric band that helped him loose over 100 kilos. However, the second operation was to remove excess skin that still impeded his movement, an operation considered to be an integral part of the overall process. (Whilst in Marbella we were involved with a company in Alabama that found clients for these processes, so I know plenty of gruesome stories about weight loss!)

He was supposed to be on a strict diet, no smoking and exercise.However, when the surgeon spotted that he still smoked, he declared that he had obviously lied on his prereport and threw him out.

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