Robbery foiled in Garrucha

It appears that yesterday afternoon a gentleman wearing a balaclava went into the Baby supplies shop which is just off Calle Calderon in Garrucha (where the market is every week), brandished a knife and gruffly ordered the owner to empty the till into a bag he carried.

It appears that the fellow was then upset by the amount collected (Not Very Much), so he went round the corner into Bar Neptuno, which is a local (Spanish) workers cafe, and pulled the same trick with the large bartender, a very large fellow called Nicolas. Nicolas, not taking kindly to a short man wavng a knife in his face, reached over the bar and pulled off the balaclava.

Whereupon he recognised a man who has not only been resident in Garrucha all his life, but has been coming in daily for his coffee for the last 20 years. His name is being withheld on popular request, but is not believed to be the brightest bulb in the Garrucha Christmas decorations.

This fellow then proceed to break down and admit that he had a gambling problem and no cash, and this was the first time he’d ever done something like this. The regulars all poured round him, nodded wisely, marched him back to the Baby Shop where he returned the stolen monies, together with as much cash as he had on him, plus a bouquet of flowers, which persuaded the owner not to press charges, as long as he behaved.

He’s now on local parole, watched over by his neighbours, and far too embarressed to show his face in public.

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  1. i happen to have some gambling problem. i am addicted to poker and blackjack that i lost 1,000$ in one night.~’*

  2. my brother has a gambling problem and he just burned a thousand bucks in one night ~~`

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