Breakout from Almería prision

A 20 year old Morrocon man has escaped from Almería Prision (El Acebuche), climbing over 2 6 metre walls, avoiding Guardia Civil patrols, barbed wire fences, spotlights and half a kilometre of clear space before legging it over the fields last Sunday evening. Almería prision is categorised as a “high security” prision, and the successful escape has left the authorities and local population worried.

It appears that the young man took advantage of dusk while on his first exercise break (about 6pm) to scale a wall onto a ledge. He then edged along the side of a building, over a few roofs, through a small gate into the exterior walkway, over the second wall topped with barbed wire, hid for a couple of minutes while the guard was changed then down the wall onto a dog kennel and over the fields.

He had spent less than 24 hours in prision before making the escape attempt, and was serving a jail sentence for robber with violence. It seems that the alert was only raised after a fellow prisioner pointed out he’d gone.

The last jailbreak was in June 1990, when a prisioner escaped in the laundry. Another prisioner escaped in 2004, but was then under guard at Torrecardenas Hospital.

Police patrols in the province are being stepped up noticeable, along with roadblocks and random stop and searches.

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