Ponzi schemes and the last 10 years

I’ve been fascinated by the collapse of Bernard L. Madoff and his Ponzi “investment” scheme. It was a wonderful, runaway tale, and the way he pulled the wool over everybodies eyes was amazing. Sadly, he didn’t learn from the master of all Ponzi schemes, and failed to manage to convince everybody that the collapse, burn and total destruction of his scheme was somebody elses fault. After all, he’s the one under bail and investigation, whereas Continue reading Ponzi schemes and the last 10 years

Robbery foiled in Garrucha

It appears that yesterday afternoon a gentleman wearing a balaclava went into the Baby supplies shop which is just off Calle Calderon in Garrucha (where the market is every week), brandished a knife and gruffly ordered the owner to empty the till into a bag he carried. It appears that the fellow was then upset by the amount collected (Not Very Much), so he went round the corner into Bar Neptuno, which is a local Continue reading Robbery foiled in Garrucha

Public officials declare their assets online

What a lovely website. https://ws037.juntadeandalucia.es/riibp/publica/buscaracp.do It shows you the publicly declared assets of “high-ups” in the public administration, as they are required to do by law. So, for example, we can see that our old friend Luis “bulldozer” Caparros, of Prior fame, owns three rather crummy and cheap houses and a bit of land. DATOS PERSONALES Y PROFESIONALES DEL DECLARANTE PRIMER APELLIDO: CAPARRÓS SEGUNDO APELLIDO: MIRÓN NOMBRE: LUIS DENOMINACIÓN CARGO: DELEGADO PROVINCIAL EN ALMERÍA CONSEJERÍA: Continue reading Public officials declare their assets online

Breakout from Almería prision

A 20 year old Morrocon man has escaped from Almería Prision (El Acebuche), climbing over 2 6 metre walls, avoiding Guardia Civil patrols, barbed wire fences, spotlights and half a kilometre of clear space before legging it over the fields last Sunday evening. Almería prision is categorised as a “high security” prision, and the successful escape has left the authorities and local population worried. It appears that the young man took advantage of dusk while Continue reading Breakout from Almería prision