Irony and Sevillana Endesa

A very nice little Welcome to 2009 card (no mention of Christmas, just the new year) turns up in the post from Sevillana Endesa. It’s a third bigger than most Christmas cards, as it has an extra sheet, although 3 pages are blank and another just has a nonsensical, Dali style diagram on it.

It waffles on about the sea, the mountains, the valleys, the flowers, the trees, the environment, the trees, you, me, him, us…. reminds us that Sevillana is “environmentally friendly” and wishes us all a sustainable 2009, for us and for the future of our children.

Now, ignoring the fact that they probably sent this piece of crap to about half a million subscribers, cutting down around a thousand trees, plus the postage and transport costs, if they really cared about sending us seasons greetings “sustainably” they could have sent me an e-card – I’m a member of their virtual office and receive an email a week from the blighters.

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