Winter lightning

While pootling along in the old five seater, I was witness to the most wonderful of sights. The night sky is clear, and the stars are twinkling on a cold, frosty (5C in Turre, and it’s only 8pm) December night. Moonless, so we have a most wonderful tapestry of stars. When suddenly I saw the most incredible burst of lightning behind the Sierra Cabreras. It is black, you cannot distinguish the mountain from the sky, Continue reading Winter lightning

Japanese Ambassador in town

Motohide Yoshikawa, Japanese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, is in Almería on a jaunt for two days. The local chamber of commerce is ferrying him around the province, where he will no doubt nod in an ambassadorial fashion at the marble mines, tread delicately through the greenhouses of Nijar, shake his head in despair at the plans for Llano Central, be escorted quickly past the ruins of the Prior Place, receive some free olive Continue reading Japanese Ambassador in town

Almería – Madrid train line upgraded

RENFE, the train company, has just launched its new Talgo 334 engine, which apparantly shaves 30 minutes off the Almería to Madrid train travel time. It now only takes 6 hours and 20 minutes by train to Madrid. The time saving is gained by the fact that you no longer have to stop at the Linares – Baeza station to change engines – the new engines, capable of up to 200KPH, can use the same Continue reading Almería – Madrid train line upgraded

Irony and Sevillana Endesa

A very nice little Welcome to 2009 card (no mention of Christmas, just the new year) turns up in the post from Sevillana Endesa. It’s a third bigger than most Christmas cards, as it has an extra sheet, although 3 pages are blank and another just has a nonsensical, Dali style diagram on it. It waffles on about the sea, the mountains, the valleys, the flowers, the trees, the environment, the trees, you, me, him, Continue reading Irony and Sevillana Endesa