Some funny Spanish film titles

I was talking the other day about Spanish films and the way they like to retitle them into something different. Sometimes they don’t quite get the title right (IE, The 13th Warrior is called 13 warriors, which ain’t quite the same). Sometime they like to add a bit to the title (ie, Alfie become Alfie! El Seductor Irrestible). And sometimes they obviously don’t think the original title is any good and renamed it. (ie Adaptation becomes El ladron de Orquidas). Thing is, quite often the Spanish name is ignored in the viewers minds, so for example I doubt anybody would know the film Mulholland Drive by its Spanish title Sueños, Secretos y Misterios.

Here’s a few I found digging around the web, all of them supposed to have been top films in Spain (although I realise I haven’t seen ANY of them) and feel free to add any more you like in the discussion tab. Sometimes I add a sarcastic comment after the Spanish title.

13 Going on 30 (Si Tuviera 30 – If you were 30)
The 13th Warrior (13 Guerreros – 13 warriors [not quite the same as the 13th..])
24 Hour Party People (La Nueva Orden[the new order])
28 Days Later (Exterminio)
3000 Miles to Graceland (3000 MIllas al Infierno – 3000 miles to hell)
50 First Dates (Como Si Fuera la Primera Vez)
Abandon (Sin Rastro)
About a Boy (Un Gran Chico)
Adaptation (El Ladrón de Orquídeas – The Orchid Thief)
The Adventures of Joe Dirt (Joe el Sucio)
Alfie (Alfie: El Seductor Irresistible)
All the Pretty Horses (Espíritu Salvaje)
American Pie (Mi Primera Vez) BUT American Pie 2 is just American Pie 2
Are We There Yet? (¡Quieren Volverme Loco!)
Bad Santa (Un Santa No Tan Santo – clever play on words there!)
Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever (Permiso Para Matar)
Bedazzled (Al Diablo con el Diablo)
Birth (Reencarnación)
Blow (Inhala – but shouldn’t it be Sopla?)
Bringing out the Dead (Vidas al Límite)
City by the Sea (La Marca del Asesino)
Collateral (Colateral: Lugar y Tiempo Equivocado)
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Confesiones de una Típica Adolescente – translated by someone with a 15yr old daughter I imagen!)
Do Not Disturb (Testigo Ocular)
Down to Earth (Estrenando Cuerpo)
Exit Wounds (Red de Corrupción)
The Green Mile (Milagros Inesperados)
Holes (El Misterio de los Excavadores)
The Hollow Man (El Hombre sin Sombra)
In the Bedroom (Crimen Imperdonable)
Jersey Girl (Padre Soltero)
John Q (Situación Extrema)
The Ladykillers (El Quinteto de la Muerte)
Laurel Canyon (La Calle de las Tentaciones)
Lost in Translation (Perdidos en Tokio)
The Magdalene Sisters (En el Nombre de Dios)
Master and Commander – The Far Side of the World (Capitán de Mar y Guerra)
Mean Girls (Chicas Pesadas)
Million Dollar Baby (Golpes del Destino)
Monster (Monster: Asesina en Serie)
Monster’s Ball (El Pasado nos Condena)
Moonlight Mile (La Vida Continúa)
The Mothman Prophecies (Mensajero de la Obscuridad)
Mulholland Dr. (Sueños, Secretos y Misterios)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Casarse Está en Griego)
Not Another Teen Movie (No Es Otra Tonta Película Americana)
The Order (El Devorador de Pecados)
Open Range (Pacto de Justicia)
The Pacifier (Niñera a Prueba de Balas)
Personal Velocity (Intimidades)
Pi (El Orden del Caos)
State and Main (Cuéntame Tu Vida)
The Station Agent (Descubriendo la Amistad)
The Stepford Wives (Las Mujeres Perfectas)
You Got Served (El Hip Hop Está que Arde)

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  1. On Canal Plus (Spain’s answer to SKY), the films are all there, in most cases just the touch of a button away from English, but of course their titles are ONLY advertised in Spanish – or if the titles are too long, then in a ‘Once Upon the Way to the For…’ sort of listing which is even more irritating.
    At the cinema, filmed are almost always dubbed and ‘original versions’ (VO) are hard to find outside of Madrid. At least, on the telly, you can get the ‘reel deal’.

  2. hey guys… thanks for translate the english titles to spanish…
    sometimes i look for a film and it’s very difficult for me
    to find a film … sometimes the spanish titles are completely different than the english titles…..

  3. Some others- “Teléfono rojo, ¿volamos hacia Moscú?”(Dr. Strangelove),
    “Dos hombres y un destino”(Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid), “Con faldas y a lo loco”(Some like it hot), “Dos granujas a todo ritmo”(The blues Brothers),”La jungla de cristal”(Die Hard),”Acorralado” (First Blood)
    “Pozos de Ambición”(There will be blood)…and many more

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