Iberia admits that its pilots “may” be on strike – it ain’t sure

Iberia Airlines has opened an investigation into why more than 300 of its flights have recently been delayed. They suspect that their pilots may be on a “go slow” without bothering to tell anyone, in protest at Iberia refusing to hire more pilots over the Christmas period. The Iberia Union claims that the delays are caused by understaffing, a claim that Iberia rejects, saying that with the slowdown and cancellation of flights they have, proportionally, Continue reading Iberia admits that its pilots “may” be on strike – it ain’t sure

2 kids arrested for stoning cars

2 kids (14) have been arrested in Almeria city for stoning cars as they passed by. One Spanish, one Moroccon. They have been returned to their parents under caution and will soon appear in court. Speaking as someone who once had a stone thrown through his windscreen on the Milla del Oro in Marbella by some rich kids, I suggest that a bit of Islamic justice may be in order.

Loma Blanca (3)

After my previous post about the Loma Blanca, I am informed by a “gentleman” that they still serve food. “Erotic” food. It costs the price of the meal, plus €75 a half hour tip for the naked waitress. Apparantly. For “businessmen” or “nice” boys (with cash) on stag dos, and the like. Indeed. I don’t have a copy of the menu, but I assume that the quality of the food is somewhat irrelevant in these Continue reading Loma Blanca (3)