More reasons why the EuroWeekly is crap

I was having a coffee with my mate Gareth, who is Reception Manager at Camping Los Gallardos, the big place just off the motorway in Los Gallardos, when he told me about the latest decision by the Euro Weekly.

It seems that Camping Los Gallardos has always received, and distributed fully, at least two bundles of the Euro Weekly a week. Remember, it’s probably one of the few bustling places around at the moment, over the winter they have about 650 people onsite at any one time (they’re on holiday and want to eat out!), the bowling club (people coming from as far away as Albox and quite a few people flying in) and the restaurant. People tend to come in just to pick up the freebies. Most freebies are desperate to leave copies, at one point they were refusing to accept copies of the some of the lesser rags due to space concerns.

Anyhow, this week the distributor popped his head around the door just to let Gareth know (this on orders from “high up” it seems) that since the campsite doesn’t advertise with them they aren’t getting any more copies. Period. He left a subscription form and a fax number. Even just a little classified would get the newspaper flowing again. “Fat chance” was the general opinion. “Mafia” was another. And “thank feck for the extra space” another.

So don’t forget – it’s official. From the slightly dry and cracked lips of The Sun Tanned One Herself. Advertise in the EuroWeekly and the only people who will see your advert are the ones who pick up a copy in your shop. Or the people who are at the competitions and see it while the cashier is ringing up their purchase (at which stage it’s a bit late). Advertise in the good rags. Like the Advertiser. Plus Petter is always good for a gossip and to the best of my knowledge has never filed a malicious lawsuit. It just justifies my own decision to never, ever, under any reason, to advertise with the Euro Weekly lot.

Later: Found a press release issued by the campsite here.

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