Ryanair bullies Fuerteventura

Ryanair, which incidentally serves its gin in plastic bags, has cancelled all flights to Fuerteventura after deciding that the local tourism department was not promoting its flights heavily enough. (According to The Times). This means that anybody who has booked a flight to Fuerteventura through Ryanair for next year is, in a word, stuffed. They will get their flights refunded, but hotels or cars they’ve booked are up to them. This follows on only a Continue reading Ryanair bullies Fuerteventura

More reasons why the EuroWeekly is crap

I was having a coffee with my mate Gareth, who is Reception Manager at Camping Los Gallardos, the big place just off the motorway in Los Gallardos, when he told me about the latest decision by the Euro Weekly. It seems that Camping Los Gallardos has always received, and distributed fully, at least two bundles of the Euro Weekly a week. Remember, it’s probably one of the few bustling places around at the moment, over Continue reading More reasons why the EuroWeekly is crap