Franco still honorary mayor of Almeria!!!

Left wing coalition party Izquierda Unida, on this the anniversary week of the Constitution of Spain, has pointed out that, technically, deceased dictator Francisco Franco is still the honorary mayor of Almería city, an honour “bestowed” upon him in 1943 (only a few years after his Nazi friends had spent three days using the city as target practice, killing quite a few) and confirmed in 1950. While the honour was not in perpetuity, as it was never removed as required by protocol upon his death it is still technically active.

8 other high honours, bestowed upon him and his cronies by the then Townhall and Diputacion of Almería are still active, and Izquierda Unida say it’s high time to get rid of them. Strangely, in declarations to the press, neither PSOE nor PP seem to have summoned up much enthusiasm for this, probably not wanting to stir up that whole hornets nest. Maybe if the La Mojonera Riots rumble on they’ll say something to distract the press?

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