Riots in La Mojonera

La Mojonera, a small village just next to Felix, is still under curfew tonight as over 100 anti riot Guardia Civil still patrol the streets to prevent a repeat of last nights riots after a young “subsaharan” immigrant was killed, apparently by some Gitanos outside of a call centre (locutorio)*.

Spain is watching with interest to see the outcome of the latest racial violence in Almeria – will this be the spark that ignites the unemployed masses of Gitanos vs immigrants, or will the authorities -traditionally unable to penetrate or control the immigrant or Gitano populations – be able to calm the situation? All we know is that the Guardia have acted with unusual swiftness in arresting the alledged killers. Still no explanation of what caused the fight. La Mojonera, by the way, is only 10km fromm the suburb of Roquetas which saw the riots not so long ago.

*The arrested man (one person arrested for murder, two more for aiding) is not Gitano, according to Ideal, contradicting earlier reports I saw. They are all African immigrants.

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