Olives, Olives, €3,50 an hour

While at the hairdressers, I spent an enjoyable hour chatting to a few of the good ole boys of Turre who tend to congregate there. One of them confided that he has always voted PP, but in the next elections tends to vote PSOE. The reason?

It seems that 5 or 6 years ago (under “El Bigote”), he couldn’t find anybody to pick his olives for less than 5 or 6€ an hour. Not even the illegal immigrants were interested.

This year, he found that people were actually bargaining against one anothers to get a job picking his olives. He initially intended to offer €4,50 an hour, but ended up paying only €3,50 an hour.

As he said, if this is PSOE socialism, bring it on!

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