Gentleman in a wheelchair tries to riot at football game

A gentleman in a wheelchair has been fined 3.001€ & banned from sporting events for 6 months after he tried to start a riot at the Meditterranean Games Football Stadium in Almería during last Sundays match against A Coruña.

It seems that an official asked him to move his wheelchair away from an emergency exit he was blocking, and asked him to move to the wheelchair area (which is front row anyway, and apparantly fewer than 20 meters away). He refused, claiming that he had attended every match for the last two years in the spot and liked it.

The official called a policeman over, who repeated the request. It seems that the chappie then got nasty, and started screaming that the police were attacking him. A crowd formed, people started pushing, the police had to call for backup to calm the situation, and the chap in a wheelchair was (I was going to say frogmarched) to the police station. CCTV cameras later proved the officials had acted correctly.

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