Almería to host NATO conference

The 37 countries of the NATO alliance (OTAN in Spanish, in case you see it), plus 7 North African and Middle Eastern countries have agreed upon Almería as the host city for the “Mediterranean Dialogue” conference on security and cooperation in the Med.

While the exact date has not been officially announced, it is expected to be held in the Spring, probably May. This is expected to be a major international conference, which apart from amabassadors from every NATO country will also includes representatives from Morrocco, Argelia, Tunis, Mauritania, Jordan, Egypt and Israel.

Expect a complete closedown of Almería city for those dates, as sources for the Ministry of the Interior confirmed that Almería would be under “maximum security” for the conference. They also added that the decision to hold the conference in Almería was “unanimous”.

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  1. I’ll bet that’s not HALF as important as that intra-Mediterranean thing whose name I can’t remember that they’re going to base in Barcelona in order to conclusively bankrupt the city.

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