Loma Blanca

Loma Blanca was always a restaurant that I enjoyed. On the Los Gallardos – Garrucha road, the big old Cortijo just under the high power electric lines, it did traditional Spanish dishes cooked with olive wood and meat imported specially from Galicia. You can read my previous review here. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe I just didn’t go there enough, or didn’t push it to my vast array of loyal readers. It was with Continue reading Loma Blanca

Webcam of the Levante!

Well, it was a struggle (DIY not my strong point) but the camera is up and running. I don’t know how long for! You can now see a live photo of the Levante. Click here to view the Webcam of Almeria Levante. The cam updates the photo every 30 seconds or so. Not so much at night, since it’s pitch black.

Gentleman in a wheelchair tries to riot at football game

A gentleman in a wheelchair has been fined 3.001€ & banned from sporting events for 6 months after he tried to start a riot at the Meditterranean Games Football Stadium in Almería during last Sundays match against A Coruña. It seems that an official asked him to move his wheelchair away from an emergency exit he was blocking, and asked him to move to the wheelchair area (which is front row anyway, and apparantly fewer Continue reading Gentleman in a wheelchair tries to riot at football game

Almería to host NATO conference

The 37 countries of the NATO alliance (OTAN in Spanish, in case you see it), plus 7 North African and Middle Eastern countries have agreed upon Almería as the host city for the “Mediterranean Dialogue” conference on security and cooperation in the Med. While the exact date has not been officially announced, it is expected to be held in the Spring, probably May. This is expected to be a major international conference, which apart from Continue reading Almería to host NATO conference

People stealing Christmas plants faster than being planted

Almeria Town hall, in common with so many other Ayuntamientos of the region, likes to plant the traditional pascuero, a red plant which blooms at Christmas time. 30,000 of them are being planted in public areas around the city for Christmas. It seems that they keep the bulbs and plant the stems, which means the plants regenerate in municipal greenhouses year in and year out. Today they planted the first 30 of them. Went back Continue reading People stealing Christmas plants faster than being planted