Taxes & charges on Spain UK flights – a consideration

Taxes & charges on flights UK to Spain I’ve just booked a flight back to the UK. (Stop cheering, it’s only for a week then I’m back!). With Monarch, of course. I go out of my way to avoid Ryanair and Easy Jet. Full of screaming toddlers, lower class yobbos, cramped seats, plastic bags of gin, etc. So much more comfortable in a Monarch extra leg room seat with a bottle of champers and some Continue reading Taxes & charges on Spain UK flights – a consideration

Wolf problems

It appears that farmers in the north of the peninsula are starting to take up arms about the reintroduction of protected species – mainly, wolves and bears. A number of these animals have been released into the wild over the last 10 years, and it seems that they are breeding happily. However, the recent cold weather has brought about what many farmers always feared – attacks on their flocks by these predators. Indeed, the Castilian Continue reading Wolf problems

Expats to march in protest march against urban abuse in Almeria

As you will know, there is a protest march organised by such AVEP, AULAN, AUAN, AUN, LSOS, Cuidadanos Europeos and others, in Almeria on the 9th of Jan through Almeria city to try to bring media attention back to the Priors case and urban abuse in general. (See programme info at Spanish Shilling or other good websites). While not wishing to aspirations on the much lauded attempt to bring media attention back to the Priors, Continue reading Expats to march in protest march against urban abuse in Almeria

Christmas Lunch & New Years do competition!

John Minor wrote in with a wonderful idea, which I repeat verbatim: I reckon that some independent reviews of local restaurants by us locals would be a good idea (not sure about how Spanish libel laws would apply, of course). How about a section devoted to “How was my Christmas Day Lunch 2008” and invite unbiased opinions about what the local Restaurants offered this year and whether it was good value or not. There are Continue reading Christmas Lunch & New Years do competition!

Blue Lagoon Mojacar Playa

The Blue Lagoon – under newish management, I’m told – is a large, long, fairly typical bar, restaurant and quasi chiringuito on Mojacar Playa. Chef is, the adverts assure us, one Dean Hill. Just past the Hotel Indalo. Large blue awning. Now, I’ve never eaten there, or even tarried for long, but I did have my curiosity piqued by their now infamous “Credit Crunch Lunch”. Adverts in all good decent local press. From 10am – Continue reading Blue Lagoon Mojacar Playa

8 lucky lottery players in María got €2,7million

The main prize in yesterdays “El Gordo” went to a small village in Jaen called Santiago de la Espada. The winning number was 32.365 and was mainly sold in a small mesón (apparantly the only pub in the village) and each decimo won €300,000. 8 lucky people from the little village of María in Almería brought their lottery tickets from this village, and so brought €2,700,000 back. Why did they buy their lottery tickets there? Continue reading 8 lucky lottery players in María got €2,7million

While trying to register a .es…

I’m using the Spanish government website. But Firefox throws up the message: uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is not trusted. Add An Exception? Legitimate banks, shops, public organisations will not ask you to do this. Use a .com instead, the US needs the cash. Spains banks are very strong and don’t need the cash like we do. (Last sentance mine, the rest true)

Garrucha gets a Gordo prize!

A fifth prize in the Spains national Christmas Extravaganza Lottery (El Gordo) went to a ticket number sold in Garrucha. Juan José Haro, owner of ticket office “La Gata Rafi” (just off the high street I believe, about two thirds of the way down), sold 45 tickets (divided in turn into 10 decimos each, so that’s 450) which won 2,250,000€, or€5000 a ticket. Local resident Miguel Angel Vilar told (translated) that the money would Continue reading Garrucha gets a Gordo prize!