New traffic law under consideration – also targets foriegners

The text of the new traffic law which has now been passed for voting aims to cut the time in collecting traffic fines to under a month, doubles the cost of many fines but allows early payers to have discounts of up to 40% off.

Under the new law you will only receive one notification of a fine, which can now be sent via email. Companies will have to register an official email address for each vehicle they own – individuals don’t, but have the option to. After notification, the fine will be published on a central webpage, instead of in the BOE as they are at present.

Early payers (with 15 days) will now get 40% off the fine, instead of the current 30%. If the driver does not raise objections, the process will close after a month and if still unpaid will be embargoed from your bank account.

Anybody who does not identify the driver of a vehicle will now be liable for the fine. This prevents a loophole a registered owner of a vehicle can claim that he/she did not know who was driving the vehicle.

Certain offenses will no longer automatically loose you your license for a short period, such as driving through a red light.

Foreigners identified in traffic violations may have their permission to drive in Spain stopped for a month for only grave offences, something that will not apply to holders of Spanish driving licenses. There will also be a register of points for foriegn licenses that will allow Trafico to track foriegners who committ numourous small offenses and take away points on their licenses.

This new law (which is expected to cost Trafico under 6000€ to implement!!!) has been approved by the Council of Ministers and is expected to come into force within the next couple of months.

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