Franco no longer “favourite son” of El Ferrol

El Ferrol -Francos birthplace, and the wettest town in Spain, up in the top left corner of Spain- has voted to disown its most famous son. He has been stripped of his title of “Honoury Mayor” of El Ferrol. He has also been stipped of his title of “Favourite son” (Hijo Predilictio).

I notice that all the various political groups voted in favour of these two measures, with the exception of the P.P. which abstained.

3 Replies to “Franco no longer “favourite son” of El Ferrol”

  1. Ferrol removed the statues some years ago and the next move they make has to deny that Franco ever existed – so much for history!

  2. Quite a pleasure to walk the streets of Berlin. The Pergamon museum, the odd mix of communist and western styles etc.. But what I really loved most were the statues in honour of Hitler and Goebbels. I really thought they were done with exquisite taste. Much nicer than the Mussolini ones in Rome if you ask me. The ones in S. American honouring Pinochet are much too brash really as are the ones in Spain with Franco sitting on horseback…

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