No2 in Adra town hall builds an illegal house

The PSOE has revealed that a senior member of the PP, who is also No 2 in Adra town hall, a certain Antonio Piqueras, has built an illegal house of 264 square meters on a bit of land he owns.

It seems that a building license was granted the evening before the PSOE asked about this in open session at an Adra town hall meeting. María del Carmen Crespo, mayoress of Adra (P.P.) is also a member of the Andalucian Parliment and has been mooted as a possible Vice President of P.P. Andalucia.

It seems that on the 28th of March 2007 Antonio Piqueras requested a building license from the town hall. However, the (independent from the town hall) inspector requested some changes be made to the project. Despite this, a “provisional authorisation” was granted. Such provision authorisations are only for temporary constructs, not houses, and in any case was not stamped by the town hall.

Despite -eventually- returning the modified project to the town hall, it was not until 2008 that he designated an arquitect. Not much happened until he discovered that the PSOE was going to table the matter, and the permission -it seems that without going through correct procedures- was granted.

Despite the fact that the house was built in 2007.

Interested people can read the whole accusation here. I can’t be bothered translating all the minutae. The question is:

Will the Junta seek a court order to demolish this illegal house (Priors, anyone?) or will the matter be swept under the carpet?

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