El Toyo goes on strike

El Toyo, the “model” urbanisation outside of Almeria that has been compared as a prototype of our projected Llano Central, is facing a 100% strike of all public workers. It seems that since the hotels have closed, half the houses have not been built, the commercial centre not even started and the place falling apart, budgets have been slashed and there are only 18 public workers (used to be more than 30) to look after Continue reading El Toyo goes on strike

Latest version of the POTALA (Or how we should be)

Well, well, well. The new version of the POTALA (Plan de Ordenación del Territorio del Levante Almeriense) has just arrived from Seville, with a few small changes and a few surprises. Not for general distribution to the huddled masses, I’m given to understand, but since every town hall in the area has been given a copy, why shouldn’t we poor taxpayers have a gander? The POTALA is, as you will remember, the new grand plan Continue reading Latest version of the POTALA (Or how we should be)