Junta spends too much on advertising, complains PP(AL)

Gabriel Amat, leader of the Partido Popular (PP) in Almería, used a press conference in the municipality of Fondón to complain about the vast amount of money being spent by PSOE and President-for-life Chaves on advertising, despite their calls for “austerity”.

It seems that in the 2009 budget, despite a lot of trimming and cutting out of pet projects such as the renovation of the Cable Íngles, a new hospital, new courts for Roquetas del Mar, elimination of level crossings, a cut of 12,9% for the Almeria provincial Employment Agency, etc etc, etc, etc, the advertising budget for the Junta still stands at – wait for it! – €195,000,000.

Leaving aside the fact that government subsideries for RTV-A and other media outlets are not included in that amount. That 195 million euro figure is just for advertising – mainly in the PSOE controlled press & radio, no doubt. Those lovely 5 minute adverts for “Visit Andalucía” on Andalucian TV (anybody ever thought of running those ads outside of Andalucía?) will no doubt continue to run and run.

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  1. Arrghhh. It’s very hard to write rude things about President-for-Life Chavez and his gang when you’ve just got a nice advertising contract from the Junta de Andalucía.
    The Voz de Almería, for example, gets a tidy sum for its minimum of one full page daily from the Seville govt.
    I would be glad to open up my website to special Junta adverts (and trim my commentary) for a small consideration. Say 1000 euros a day?
    Am I being unreasonable here…?

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