Roquetas del Mar wants to build on protected natural spaces

Roquetas del Mar town hall has announced that it will try to overturn a ruling on “Las Salinas”, which is the only undeveloped part of the Roquetas beach front. “Las Salinas” has been declared an area of the Public Domain due to it’s importance for local wildlife; Roquetas town hall will join forces with local landowners, lead by Miguel Rifa (one of the founders of Hotel Playa Group, who sold out for a lot and then set up the Cytimar Hotel group) who want to build some 18,000 homes, and 2000 hotel rooms there.

The position of the town hall is that the order protecting Las Salinas was issued by a junior who was not qualified to sign the order. Upon investigation by, it turns out the order was signed by the Sub-Minister for the National Environment Ministry in Madrid, who can probably sign whatever he wants.

Informed sources claim that the attempt will have no effect on the eventual protection of Las Salinas and is a blatent attempt by the town hall to A) Keep in with the big boys (the ones who want to build on the protected land) and B) slow down the order so that it is only signed into permanent effect once the current administation has left or retired.

Even so, it’s a flaming disgrace.


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